JQuery UI Themes

List of JQuery UI Themes


1. Aristo theme for JQuery UI

This JQuery UI theme is a port of the open source theme from the Cappucino framework and one of the greatest looking themes I could find! Check out the demo here or go to the Aristo for JQuery UI page. The .psd files for the original theme are freely available so some customization shouldn’t be too hard.

aristo theme jquery ui

2. Absolution

A nice theme inspired by the JQuery mobile theme using CSS3. Check out Absolution here.

JQuery UI Absolution theme

3. Bootstrap JQuery UI theme

Check out this wonderful JQuery UI Bootstrap theme by Addy Osmani, bringing the beauty of Twitter’s Bootstrap to JQuery UI. Twitter Bootstrap is a very easy to use, clean and elegant “2.0” looking CSS/JavaScript framework, check out its site.

JQuery Bootstrap Theme

That’s all folks! Sorry for the short list but I couldn’t find any more good and free JQuery UI themes at the moment. Please comment below if you created/found/know of a good JQuery UI theme not mentioned here! If you built a theme yourself, why not consider sharing 😉

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