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updated 4/3: added JQuery Bootstrap theme

The standard JQuery UI themes, those created by the Theme Roller application, don’t always provide the look and feel that one is looking for. Though the Theme Roller themes are meant as a basis for development of new custom themes, for me as a non-designer/graphic artist a bit more variety in styles would be nice.

Theme Roller gallery theme
So although suitable for many applications, it wouldn’t hurt the JQuery UI team if they got a good designer on board to develop some JQuery UI themes that have a nice WOW factor! Not only would this help current JQuery UI developers that are looking for more sophisticated, sleek-looking themes (but who do not have the skills or resources to build them) but it would also help the promotion of the library as a whole! As a non-designer/graphics artist I am always looking for good themes that (with a little tweaking) can help me give a web application the desired look and feel, therefore I’ve compiled a (currently short) list of JQuery UI Themes that have been created by developers not neccessarily associated with the JQuery UI team. Unfortunately there’s not too many themes available yet or they are kind of hard to find. I’ll try to keep this list as up to date as possible!

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